Imagine yourself looking out over your garden while in your kitchen with a glass of cognac or a glass of champagne celebrating a wedding anniversary or a promotion, the view is good, but something is missing. You want to be nearer to the garden that you’ve created and crafted over the past, or you need to feel that you’re standing in your garden instead of the kitchen. You need an orangery extension in East London, to make you feel that you’re into the garden itself and can entertain guests in your home.

That’s what an orangery extension brings, a feeling of establishment and pride in your surroundings and your property. An orangery is a traditional design that is normally associated with country homes, perhaps even regal homes. Orangeries were once extensions that were badly insulated and consequently cold and damp in the winter and far too warm in the summer, leaving it only in use during the spring and autumn.

Modern technology has changed all of that, now our team of orangery builders in East London are able to construct an additional room to the back or side of your home that has a traditional appearance while providing modern day insulation whereby your orangery can be used all year round.

At Seemore Glass we construct bespoke modern orangeries that are solely designed to your specifications, using the latest technology from computer design to argon glass insulation. Orangeries are a way to really get the feel of being a master of your own home, while observing your garden, perhaps for a party or a family celebration.

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There are numerous studies that show and indicate that adding additional rooms to your house will add value to your home. In particular, orangeries provide the East London home with additional space and light for the family. As long as they are constructed from modern efficient material they will add up to 10% to the value of a property.

Although the prices of homes in East London vary extensively, this can easily translate into property price increases of £25,000 to £150,000, depending on design and style that has been incorporated into the orangery extension. Not only will your money be invested in your property, but you will most importantly create a welcoming additional space for your family home.

Take a look at your home and the available garden space and if there is room to add a modern, light airy room then it makes economic sense to go ahead and add an orangery extension.

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