A Reliable Option

Firestone rubber roofing is very durable, with a life expectancy of up to 50 years, coping well with high or low temperatures while offering resistance to ozone and UV radiation. Unlike other types of flat roofing, no flames are used during the installation process. It is almost maintenance free once installed and is environmentally friendly.

Firestone rubber roofing is available in large, seamless sheets of up to 6m in width, which means that most small domestic roofs can be covered in one piece. The product has been thoroughly tested so that they provide a high standard and quality. Our Firestone rubber roofs can be laid on virtually any existing roof, provided the roof decking is sound and the existing structure can carry the load of a new roofing system:

  • Excellent for low-slope roofs, which makes it a popular choice for many commercial buildings as well as carports and patio roofs
  • A cost-effective and durable solution creating a slick finish
  • Lightweight material that can adapt to any shape or style of roof
  • Extremely waterproof and no need for seams
  • Fire resistant options for the safety conscious homeowner
  • Comes with a 25 year guarantee once installed


Key Features

The Ideal Service

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do and we will always treat our customers with the highest respect across the board.

A Practical Solution

If the roof should get damaged it can be easily replaced by simply applying a piece of rubber flashing. Once installed by a professional installer, the roof has a 25 year guarantee.

Prompt Installation

Due to the flame-free installation process of these flat roofs, we'll be able to offer you a quick and high quality installation. You'll be able to enjoy this roof sooner and easier.

Wide Compatibility

These roofs are compatible with wooden roofs, insulated roofs, concrete roofs, old asphalt roofs and more. This range of flexibility will make sure you get what you're after.

Environmentally Friendly

All of our flat roofs are manufactured and installed using sustainable and economically friendly materials and methods, for high quality in a sustainable way.

Low Maintenance

With a lifespan of 50 years, our flat roofs require no input from you to ensure they maintain their performance and aesthetic. Get leading standards, without the headaches.


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