There are a variety of ways to make your home more energy efficient. In this current age of rising costs and climate change, reducing energy consumption has never been more vital. More and more homeowners across the UK are looking for ways to develop a sustainable lifestyle within an eco-friendly home. This includes upgrading electrical systems, growing produce in gardens and switching to hybrid/electric vehicles. One of the best ways to improve energy efficiency for your home is to invest in new home improvements.

Seemore Glass is a home improvement firm dedicated to going the extra mile for our customers. We understand the needs and concerns of homeowners looking to enhance their home’s thermal performance and energy efficiency without compromising important attributes such as natural light or visual appeal. Our team of experts has years of experience supplying and installing stunning features which lead the market in terms of quality and style. In addition, our commitment to providing an environmentally friendly service which eases the burden on your wallet means we’ve developed expertise in how to make your home energy efficient.

The recent cost of living crisis has caused concern amongst many UK homeowners, and according to GFK, consumer confidence has plummeted as a result. As a result, simple energy reduction measures can go a long way to reducing your bills. This guide will go over the many options available for improving your home’s energy efficiency performance and boosting your EPC rating.

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How Energy Works

The term energy is broadly defined as the means by which change occurs across space and matter. This includes a lightbulb illuminating a room (light), a car moving down the road (kinetic), a radiator warming a room (heat), a trumpet making noise (sound), or a bird flying upwards into the sky (gravitational). There are many different forms of energy which interact and transform into each other – energy cannot be created or destroyed in any universal sense.

A good example for considering energy is through a sledge – imagine it starts at the top of a hill, stationary at first, but with a lot of potential gravitational energy. As it slides down the hill, that gravitational energy is converted into kinetic energy as it moves faster and faster. Once at the bottom of the hill, the sledge slowly grinds to a stop as the kinetic energy is converted into heat (friction with the surface) and sound (grinding sledging noise) or transferred to air particles via wind resistance. Therefore energy efficiency is about ensuring energy works in the form we intend.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is a means of measuring energy output in our desired form in quantifiable terms. This means we calculate output as a percentage of the required energy input. For example, an old incandescent lightbulb requires a remarkable amount of heat to make light. This means 95% of the energy inputted to create the necessary amount of light from the lightbulb is converted into heat, making it poor in terms of energy efficiency. For this reason, incandescent bulbs are far less common nowadays, as more efficient LED lighting systems provide a much more efficient energy output. Upgrading lighting and electricals is a great way to improve energy efficiency.

Another great option for improving energy efficiency is investing in your home with double glazing. Double glazing enhances the thermal insulation of your glass features by creating a vacuum which blocks heat, trapping the warmth in your home. This reduces the heating a home needs throughout the year’s colder months and also helps keep a space warm, as natural light is allowed to flow freely through your property. We offer a wide range of beautiful double-glazed windows and doors to take your home to the next level in terms of style, security and thermal performance.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a score that determines the energy efficiency of your property, starting with A for the most energy efficient and then decreasing from there. It is a vital tool for homeowners looking to measure and compare the energy efficiency of their property with local and national averages. As well as offering means for you to understand and improve your thermal efficiency, a high-scoring EPC will boost your home’s prospective value should you ever look to sell.

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Revolutionise your home’s energy efficiency and save the burden on your bank account with us! Our expert team can’t wait to get started installing stunning, energy-efficient home improvements. Take a look at our online quoting engine to find the ideal installation for you! 

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