We know that finding a reputable double glazing company in Wickford can be difficult to choose between multiple of companies that are on display in search engines and local leaflets and papers. Because of this, we ask you to come and see for yourself in our showroom in Hockley, to make you aware of the high grade, performance windows that we can install into your property.

We are one of the leading suppliers and fitters that operate throughout Essex and all of our PVC-U windows are ‘A’ Rated – therefore meeting the highest possible rating available for thermal insulation, helping the environment and providing our customers with additional comfort during the cold winter months.

All of our glazed windows come with the latest in multi-lock technology as standard, as well as hinge protectors providing security to our clients.

We can provide and install a number of different colours for our windows, from white to wood effect, to grey and narrow aluminium slimline frames.

If you want to know more about our double glazing services, then please contact our team today ….


Did you know, or were you aware of the fact that most double glazing that was installed into your home over 10 years ago would have used older outdated insulation technology that would not score highly when compared to modern day windows and doors.

If you’ve had double glazing fitted over 15 years ago on your property, you’ll find that they might not be sealing correctly now, or that condensation builds up in the windows in the winter. It might be a case that the gaskets have become damaged and will need replacing, or the actual seal of the glass hasn’t maintained its structure.

Most double glazing is guaranteed for only 10 years and after that its u-value insulation level starts to fall. You might find that repairing the double glazing might work, but only for a few years and then you should consider replacing your double glazing in Wickford.

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