Have you ever asked yourself, is my home secure, can the entrances prevent an intruder even thinking about entering my home, or at least strongly prevent an intruder breaking into my home in Chigwell? Perhaps this has never even crossed your mind, perhaps you will go in and out of your home and not notice that it only just catches shut and can easily be clipped open by someone with a little bit of experience with locks.

Surely, if you did know this, you would want to protect your home and its occupants using the very latest door technology available to deter potential intruders. That’s where Seemore Glass come into our own, as we have been supplying and fitting modern security doors that are both secure and stylish for over the past three decades to residents of Chigwell.

Homeowners throughout Chigwell have been changing their doors from a security perspective and because they would like a new modern designed door that will uplift the appearance of the homes. By adding a Palladio, Composite or a Solidor to their houses or businesses they’ve added value and security in doing so.

Why not get in contact with our team today and see how we can change the appearance and security of your home with a modern technically advanced door.


Have you ever considered how well your front door protects you from potential intruders? Most front doors are not that secure and can be broken into within a few minutes of an intense attack on the lock of older doors. There are videos of this on YouTube, whereby a normal uPVC door is attempted to be opened by a specialised locksmith, or a former criminal testing out the manufacturer’s doors for their own peace of mind.

Most existing uPVC doors are easily broken into within minutes, in fact, not only existing uPVC doors but doors traditional wooden doors with a ‘catch lock’ mechanism are also easily broken into with minimum hassle.

That is not the case for a Palladio Door or a Solidor, these have been specifically designed to withstand a heavy attack on the door for an extended period of time. There are videos of men with large equipment looking to break into a Palladio door, only to give up after 30 minutes simply because they were not able to do penetrate even the locks or the door frame.

If you’re not sure of how strong modern-day Palladio doors are, please visit our Palladio Door page or our Solidor page where you can watch that very video.


Ha! Good question, why should you use Seemore Glass instead of other Door installers and fitters in Essex. Well, we have nearly 50 years’ experience in the industry and have been designing and installing high tech security doors for over 20 years.

We’ve seen several door manufacturers develop their own security front doors over the pages few decades and only two brands have stood the test of time and stayed at our preferred high-security front doors. Consequently, we now provide a showroom whereby potential customers are able to experience first-hand the strength of the modern-day security front door and how strong they really are.

If you are interested in adding a stylish, modern high-security door to your homes then, contact us today for a more information and arrange a visit to our showroom to see the doors in question.


Although our main showroom is located in Hockley, we are able to cater for our clients as far east as Shoeburyness, as far North as Braintree and we even service clients inside the M25 in places such as Chigwell and Romford. We can be called 01702 205853 to arrange an appointment and an overview of our premium doors and how they can protect your home and your family.

We would advise potential clients to actually spend time in our showroom in Hockley and get to see the materials that we use for our products and services. Understand that if you would like to have a home of high standards, then it’s wise to make sure material that you use in your home is also of a high standard made with modern highly durable building material.

Did you know that you if you opt into our email list below and visit our showroom; we will offer an additional 5% off our prices – now who doesn’t like a discount!

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