Modern large houses that have been built in Basildon in the past ten to fifteen years have incorporated modern Bi-Fold doors in some way or another, as their preferred back door, or lounge kitchen back-garden solution. Why is this you may ask?

Bi-Fold doors are stylish, versatile; often solve architectural issues and ideal for those that want to solve space dilemmas. For a homeowner that is considering their next new building project on their home, it is a good idea to consider adding modern bi-fold doors in your Basildon home.

Our Bi-Fold doors will allow the outside to seamlessly blend with the inside of your home, transforming the space to feel far bigger than it once was. With the removal of an external wall that permitted no natural light into the home, you can now have highly efficient glass that brings in light to a once dark existence during the winter months.

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Our Bi-Fold door installations in Basildon have been installed with the most modern and efficient doors available to date, aiming to bring together a shield against the elements in the winter and keeping your home cooler in the summer, by preventing a greenhouse effect.

All of our doors have been tested at a UKAS accredited testing station and have passed the PAS23 weather test during artificial extreme weather conditions.

Our doors use the latest innovative technologies to enable the doors to be wind, water and noise tight. We use EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer {M-class} rubber) gaskets, which seal the panels and protect the door from water ingress. EPDM seals are also placed between each panel to prevent wind, water and noise from entering the home in Basildon.

All of our bi-fold door systems have been thermally simulated to indicate the true thermal value; you can find these details by visiting our showroom. You will find that all of the bi-fold doors are constructed to have significantly low U-Values, thereby keeping your home insulated with less heating requirements and reducing your energy bills quite significantly over time.”

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