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From magazine prints of modern homes to adverts depicting modern lifestyle living, you’ll notice one thing in common when they show the back of the house – Bi-Folding Doors. Most modern large homes have extensively used bifold doors to showcase the exterior of the properties. If you too would like to create that look for your own home, albeit a current existing home, or a brand new one, we here at Seemore Glass are ready to discuss the options available to you.

Bi-Fold doors are stylish, versatile; often solve architectural issues and ideal for those that want to solve space dilemmas. 

The Bi-Folding doors that we supply and fit use 2 rubber EPDM seals on either side of each panel and high a performance seal on the top and bottom of panels.

The designs available are able to accomodate any possible colour and any design finish that would suit your property, from a laminated timber effect to minimalistic aluminium to aluminium and timber clad, we can fit any variation that you choose.

Contact Seemore Glass for further information about our BiFolding Doors

Thermally Efficient Weather Proof Bi-Fold Doors

Our Bi-Fold door installations have been installed with the most modern and efficient doors available to date, aiming to bring together a shield against the elements in the winter and keeping your home cooler in the summer, by preventing a greenhouse effect.

All of our doors have been tested at a UKAS accredited testing station and have passed the PAS23 weather test during artificial extreme weather conditions.

Our doors use the latest innovative technologies to enable the doors to be wind, water and noise tight. We use EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer {M-class} rubber) gaskets, which seal the panels and protect the door from water ingress. EPDM seals are also placed between each panel to prevent wind, water and noise from entering the home.

All of our bi-fold door systems have been thermally simulated to indicate the true thermal value; you can find these details by visiting our showroom. You will find that all of the bi-fold doors are constructed to have significantly low U-Values, thereby keeping your home insulated with less heating requirements and reducing your energy bills quite significantly over time.

Doors we Supply and Fit For Our Customers

Bi-Fold Doors


Our Bi-Fold Doors come in either double or triple glazing and come with 3, 5 or 7 glass panels.

Secure Doors


Composite Doors and Solidor and our premium range of front doors that are designed to keep your home safe and intruders out.

French Doors

french doors essex

French Doors can be used both internally and externally, they bring a traditional design with a minimal to maximise the glass.

Patio Doors

patio doors essex

Our modern Patio Doors will slide across your threshold effortlessly with the smallest of touches…

Highly Experienced Installer of Modern Bi-Fold Doors

Why Use Bi-Fold Instead of Patio or French Doors?

It might be your preference, to choose the most modern of modern styles, when it comes to electing to have bi-fold doors in your home. Or you might prefer to have a modern appearance and choosing bi-fold doors will certainly provide you with the modern appearance for your home. 

When compared to traditional patio doors, or French doors, bi-fold doors are more space efficient as they enable the user to open the space between the outside and inside without having to move all the furniture away and can be easily slid along with minimal effort.

B-Fold doors enable the user to select from a large range of styles and types of sizes to give you a large volume of configurations to choose from to suit your home. You able to choose a bi-fold door design that may have some fixed panels and only three actual sliding doors, or perhaps a bi-fold configuration that enables one of the panels to act as a normal door while the other five panels to become fully expandable allowing you to customise your living space.

Not only bi-fold doors versatile and space efficient when compared to Patio or French doors, they also enable wider fields of view of your garden and can be more practical when the right configurations are chosen.

Why Should We Use Seemore Glass?

Ha! Good question, why should you use Seemore Glass instead of other Bi-Fold Door installers and fitters in Essex. Well, we have nearly 50 years’ experience in the industry and have been designing and installing Bi-Fold door configurations for over 20 years.

We’ve incorporated various styles over the past three decades and noticed a considerable change in consumer demand for more light into their homes. Consequently, we now provide a showroom whereby potential customers are able to experience first-hand, what additional space and rooms will feel like if they have such an extension of their own homes.

If you are interested in adding not only value to your homes but an additional living space to your property then contact us to create an appointment and arrange to visit us.

Visit our Showroom See Our Designs

Although our main showroom is located in Hockley, we are able to cater for our clients as far east as Shoeburyness, as far North as Braintree and we even service clients inside the M25 in places such as Chigwell and Romford. We now use the internet and can find out about the size and location of your property by using Google Earth, to enable us to provide rough estimations for any Bi-Fold Door requirements.

However, we would advise potential clients to actually spend time in our showroom in Hockley and get to see the materials that we use for our products and services. Understand that if you would like to have a home of high standards, then it’s wise to make sure the extension is made with modern highly durable building material.

Did you know that you if you opt into our email list below and visit our showroom; we will offer an additional 5% off our prices – now who doesn’t like a discount!



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